A range of services, connected with the convert of video content

We specialize in work with DCP (Digital Cinema Package)

  • Making DCP from another format
  • Media files creation of required quality and format from DCP
  • Adding or changing of soundtrack, subtitles, extra trailers and promo blocks in DCP
  • Making of encrypted DCP copy
  • Addition of subtitles to ready DCP 
  • KDM generation
  • Hidden watermarks scan in a screen film copy
  • Test film screening in the cinema
  • Making of DPX (media format required by the State Film Fund)

Working with media formats (mp4, ProRes, mpg)

  • Making of ProRes
  • Making of MKV
  • Making of media files protected copies
  • BD/DVD burning 
  • Format to format conversion
  • Visual localization of screen texts/ title/ trailers
  • Trailers editing
  • Video quality control
  • Preparation of materials for social media
  • Graphics addition and titles localization

Our studio uses certified, quality, secure software Qube Master Pro in its work. We operate with 2k-4k, 2d-3d, including HFR

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