Content delivery to the cinemas in time and at minimal cost

We will deliver the content to the cinemas on schedule and at least cost:

  • Combined shipment of polygraphy plus HDD
  • Delivery to 1856 localities
  • Special delivery conditions in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
  • Delivery to regions

We carry out delivery to any place, where the cinema is — 1856 localities in Russia.
Have work experience with countries of CIS, the Baltics and Georgia.

The pros and opportunities:

  • Two offices — in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg — delivery on the same day, we created a reliable team of couriers 
  • Deliver to large regional centres the following day, offer the individual solutions for remote locations
  • The option to plan delivery dates, track your shipment status in real time and confirm the delivery

You can save considerably due to the multiple delivery of advertising production and film to the cinema. We cooperate with transport companies on favourable terms: we are provided with corporate discounts (it lowers the final cost of service) and corporate managers (speeds up the communication and shipping process), transport companies ensure cargo safety

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